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Volunteering Opportunities

As a non-profit organisation, PSS welcomes volunteers who are willing to give their time and expertise to support the programmes and services for the Parkinson Community. There are many ways you can get involved with PSS.

You do not have to have Parkinson’s disease to support the Parkinson Society Singapore. Caring family members, spouses or community members who know someone with PD, or people who simply want to help the Parkinson community can join us!

Here are some of the ways in which you can help the community:

Volunteer your time

  1. Join our beneficiaries in their regular therapeutic classes to provide support
  2. Assist at community, educational and fundraising events
  3. Organize a community event or outing for our beneficiaries

Organize a fundraiser

  1. From community events to running a race for the Parkinson community, there are many routes to raise funds for the cause
  2. Visit for ideas on how you can get your event started!

Raise awareness

  1. Share about Parkinson’s Disease with your community
  2. If you have experience with Parkinson’s disease, do share your story with us so we can in turn encourage our beneficiaries with them. Shared experiences promotes community bonding.

If you have any new ideas on how to contribute to the Parkinson community, do let us know. As long as you have the will to help, we welcome you!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Parkinson Society Singapore, please fill in the form below and our staff will get back to you shortly.