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Public Forum

Project Novo's Battling Parkinson Seminar

Title: Project Novo's Battling Parkinson Seminar
Date: 26 May 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm - 10pm
Cost: Free of Charge
Venue: Level 2 Learning Hub in the Red Box,
113 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238165 (Nearest MRT station: Somerset Station)

Battling Parkinson's: The Seminar is a public symposium targeted at the general public to experience as well as understand the difficulties faced by Parkinson’s patients through lectures, Parkinson’s simulators and our documentary. Battling Parkinson's: The Seminar aims to bring together the general public, Youth Corps members as well as caregivers to create public awareness and acceptance of Parkinson.

The event also encourages PwP to be active and positive, as exercises have been proven to be effective in helping them cope with their condition. The Parkinson’s Simulator which is a collaboration between Project Novo and the National Neuroscience Institute will provide a medium for experiential learning for guests to learn about the daily struggles faced by Parkinson’s patients. The documentary which is meant to have a two-fold function of increasing the confidence of the people with Parkinson as well as increasing acceptance and empathy for people with Parkinson among the general public.

This symposium is conducted to enable the public to know what exactly is Parkinson’s and its symptoms, while being able to experience how is it like living with Parkinson’s through the Parkinson simulator, helping us increase awareness of what Parkinson is.

Time Activity Venue
[1800-1830] Exercises by physiotherapist, collection of refreshments Learning Space
[1830-1850] Screening of documentary Learning Space
[1850-1930] Lectures by professionals from the National Neuroscience Institute Learning Space
[1930-2000] Parkinson’s Simulator Tryouts and Q&A Learning Space

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