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Caregiver Workshop - Freezing of Gait


Have you ever seen your loved ones freezing and not know how to help them?

Freezing is commonly seen in People with Parkinson’s Disease (PwP). It is defined as a sudden, brief inability to start movement or to continue rhythmic, repeated movements. It can be very disabling as it could affect movements, walking, writing and even speech. PwP could be prone to falls if freezing occurs when they are walking.

The aim of this talk is to increase the awareness and address the knowledge gap in handling freezing for PwP. There would be practical sessions on advice and tips on how caregivers can manage freezing in PwP.

Caregiver experience sharing and discussion

This is the platform for caregivers to discuss the difficulties and problems they have encountered while caring for people with Parkinson disease (PwP). Caregivers can also share among themselves the useful and helpful tips for taking care of PwP.

Date/Time: 16 March 2018 (Saturday) | 9.00 am to 12 noon

Venue: The Parkinson Centre
Block 191, Bishan Street 13, #01-415, Singapore 570191

Programme Fee: $20 (PSS Member) / $30 (Non-PSS member)
[Note: Only primary caregiver will be charged as PSS Member, additional caregiver (s) shall be charged as Non-PSS Member.]

Click here for Brochure and Registration.


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