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Project Novo's Enliven 2018

Session 1: 5 May 2018
Session 2: 19 May 2018
Session 3: 2 June 2018

Public session: 16 June
Time: 11 AM to 2.30 PM
Venue: Sentosa Imbiah Nature Trail

Trips will be organised for Persons with Parkinson's (PwP) to Sentosa Imbiah Nature Trail, where we will be imparting knowledge on the environment to PwP by being the tour guides to the nature trail. These trips are aimed at providing an opportunity for the PwP to interact with nature and learn more about the different flora and fauna in Singapore.

Art and craft sessions would be conducted to teach People with Parkinson’s (PwPs) to tie different animals with paracord and also to fold origami of animals. Tying paracord bracelets and folding origami helps improve motor skills and as it requires precise movement of the fingers, which can act as good training to help them improve their dexterity.

Each Enliven Session will be around 4 hours each, to allow PwPs to fully experience nature and immerse themselves into how to tie various paracord bracelets and origami animals proficiently. Each session would host 15 different PwP and 15 caregivers to allow for close interaction with the beneficiaries. The medium of presentation will also be flexible in order to cater to the needs of the PwP, with options of Chinese Dialect(Cantonese and Hokkien), Chinese, Malay or English.

Time Activity Venue
1100 -1110 Fetch PwP from bus drop off area and settling down in Sentosa Nature Trail Function Room Sentosa Nature Trail Entrance
1110-1130 Introduction to Habitats and Wildlife in Sentosa Sentosa Nature Trail Entrance
1130-1230 Nature Trail Sentosa Nature Trail
1230-1250 Break -
1250-1300 Introduction to Paracording and Paracord Bracelets:
  1. Learn what is paracord and how to handle it
  2. Learn how to cut and singe ends of paracord
Sentosa Nature Trail Function Room
1300-1340 Making Animals out of Paracord: Paracord Butterfly/Spider (Depending on the person) Sentosa Nature Trail Function Room
1340-1350 Break -
1350-1400 Introduction to Origami:
  1. Learn what is origami and its origin
Sentosa Nature Trail Function Room
1400-1420 Making Animal Origami: Animal Squirrel Sentosa Nature Trail Function Room
1420-1430 Pack up and assemble at drop off point Sentosa Nature Trail Entrance

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