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Run For Parkinson 2017 by Project Novo

Project Novo, a group of five secondary school students from Hwa Chong Institution, are organizing Run For Parkinson 2017, a non-competitive walkathon/run for the Parkinson Society Singapore on 13th August 2017.

Run For Parkinson 2017 aims to raise public awareness about Parkinson’s disease. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Parkinson Society Singapore which will help to sustain the activities for the local Parkinson community.

Run For Parkinson 2017 is open to everyone of all ages, including families.

Official Event Website: www.runforparkinson.com

Date: 13th August 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 8 AM to 12 PM
Place: Piai Plaza (Pasir Ris Park Carpark B)


Run for Parkinson’s 2017 is an inaugural walking/running fundraising event organised by Project Novo, a service-learning group from Hwa Chong Institution, in partnership with Parkinson Society Singapore (PSS) and Central Singapore Community Development Council (CSCDC). This event aims to raise public awareness for Parkinson’s disease, and raise funds for Parkinson Society Singapore (PSS) to support their programmes for People with Parkinson’s.

Through this event, we hope to exemplify how People with Parkinson’s can manage their condition better through exercise. After the run, there will be various post-run/walk activities and booths set up to enable participants to better understand more about Parkinson's.

Help make a difference for People with Parkinson’s so that they can still engage in daily activities despite their condition! We greatly appreciate your support for this event!


There are two categories to sign up in Run for Parkinson's:

  1. 5 KM: Walk/Run
    This looped route stretches across the coast of Pasir Ris Park.
  2. 8 KM: Walk/Run
    In addition to the route along the coast of Pasir Ris Park, this route will pass through the Api Api river trail.

Both categories are non-competitive, so feel free to run/walk at your own pace!

To register as a Participant: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/run-for-parkinsons-tickets-36069896030

To Donate: https://www.giving.sg/campaigns/runforparkinson


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