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Youthful Parkinson Circle in 2017

The Youthful Parkinson Circle (YPC) support group is open to Parkinson Society Singapore members who have been diagnosed before age 60 or with/without school-going dependents. The support group meets every two months and also welcomes those who are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

The experiences of people who are diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson's disease (before the age of 60) are different from other people with Parkinson's. Each meeting will have a different talk conducted by medical professionals as well as a sharing session for participants to exchange tips and discuss experiences about life with Parkinson's disease.

Course details:

25 March 2017 | Maximising Life with Parkinson's Disease | Photo Gallery

27 May 2017 | Speech and Swallowing with Parkinson's

29 July 2017 | Music Therapy with Parkinson's

30 Sept 2017 | Exercising with Parkinson's

25 November 2017 | Medications in Parkinson’s Disease: What do I need to know?

Registration is required, please email us at info@parkinson.org.sg.

Click here for details of 2017 programme.


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